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L’EPHE au “Digital Approaches to Hebrew Manuscripts”

L’EPHE au “Digital Approaches to Hebrew Manuscripts”

Ce 18 et 19 mai se tient au King’s College le colloque “Digital Approaches to Hebrew Manuscripts” auquel participe l’EPHE.

This two-day conference will explore the potential for the computer-assisted study of Hebrew manuscripts; discuss the intersection of Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities; and share methodologies.

Agenda des interventions  ‘EPHE’ :

  • Lundi 18 mai :
    • 9h30 : Colette Sirat, “The Study of Medieval Manuscripts in a Technological World”.
    • 15h30 : Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, “The Books Within Books Database and Its Contribution to Hebrew Palaeography”.
  • Mardi 19 mai, 11h45 : Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra, co-author Hayim Lapin (Université de Maryland) : A Digital Edition of the Mishna, “From Images to Facsimile, Text and Grammatical Analysis”.

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