Online Corpus of the Inscriptions of Ancient North Arabia


un corpus en ligne d’inscriptions pré-islamiques de l’Arabie du Nord et du centre :

safaitic_graffiti_OCIANAIt provides a reading of each text both in roman transliteration and in fonts reproducing the ancient letters, together with a translation in English, references to earlier readings, commentary where necessary, bibliography, and all known information about the inscription (provenance, carving technique, relationship to other texts or to rock drawings, structures, etc.). Photographs (when available) and facsimiles of each text will also be shown on each record and will eventually be downloadable free at publishable resolutions. The Corpus will be easily updatable as new discoveries are made and will be fully searchable for names, words, grammatical features and subjects1.

Ce projet OCIANA a reçu le soutien de Arts & Humanitaires Research Council et est hébergé à l’université d’Oxford2.
Son équivalent existe pour les inscriptions d’Arabie du Sud, le DASI :

  1. source OCIANA []
  2. OCIANA, découverte à l’université d’été d’Oxford au cours de la semaine sur les digital humanities []

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