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manuSciences ’15 : Franco-German Summer School in Manuscripts from Fragments to Books, from Identification to Interpretation


Appel à candidatures ouvert aux étudiants en master et doctorat, ainsi qu’aux chercheurs. Date limite le 26 mai.

Interdisciplinary approaches to manuscript studies combining lectures in history and philology with materials analysis, imaging techniques, digital humanities and computer science, complemented with practical courses on mobile instruments (XRF, RTI) and on computer programs.

Practical Courses

  • Portable instruments:
    • X-ray fluorescence and line scanning (H.-E.Mahnke, I.Rabin, F.Kutz)
    • Reflectance Transformation Imaging (K.Piquette)
    • Multispectral imaging microscopy (I.Rabin)
  • Computer programs:
    • 3d reconstruction in tomography (D.Handl, S.Engels)

QUAND  : du 6 au 12 septembre 2015
OÚ :  sur l’île de D-83256 Frauenchiemsee (Bayern) –

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